Choose from a variety of painted purse styles. From formal, to casual, you can find the exact piece to fit your needs and coordinate with your wardrobe.

Elegant Designs

The perfect outfit requires the perfect accessories. Order an original art, hand signed, custom made, painted clutch by Heather Offord.

Each of our painted hand bags are carefully crafted and individually numbered. Our commitment to fine art can be seen in every detail in each piece.leather handbags ,women handbags, purses, painted handbag, painted purse, painted clutch by Heather Offord hand painted clutches. www, , , , 

Each of our hand painted purses is made with love. Alot of time and effort goes into each hand painted clutch. The hand painted handbag lines is made by artist Heather Offord. Painted leather handbags is an item Heather Sells. is also the owner of , , painted , , handpaintedleather . Shoppers looking to buy a painted handbag usually look  at the painted handbag Kim Kardashian received from Kenya West for a gift. It was a Birkin Bag that was painted by artist George Condo. Heather Offord started to paint over Tory Butch Handbags, Tory Burt clutch, and Tory Burch purse to make her own creations. Heather Offord would go shopping for other designer handbags such as Michael Kors, DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Channel, Burrbery, Coach, any designer women's handbag  she could get her hands on she would paint and sell. Heather says she is inspired by Fendi and even painted over her Fendi clutch and shoes. A fan of red carpet fashion, Heather hopes to one day see her clutches adorn the beautiful dresses she sees. Some of her favorite designers are Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Elle Sabb. Heather Loves painting luxury even bags, painting handbags and decided to start painting her own. She is truly a rising star filled with talent and endless ideas and creates beautiful hand painted bags. Heather hopes to one day work with some successful designers to learn from them and find a mentor.  With or without a mentor this young designer is full steam ahead. We are please to announce the upcoming release of The Heather Offord painted handbag collection this summer of 2014. Heather says she seen alot of leather handbags by and wanted to express her art differently. Heathers painted handbags have a more modern feel with a 15th century twist. Heather uses the finest quality leather, and her purse are built with high quality and craftsmanship. Painted handbags offer excellent customer service. We can create you a custom purse, custom handbag, or custom clutch for any occasion. Painted handbags plans to eventually sell on other sites such as , , and google shopping. The plan for Painted clutches, painted purses, and painted handbags is to have the lines offered in stores such as bloomingdales, macy's, neiman marcus, nordstroms, as well as Barneys and Intermix. Getting painted leather clutches to store buyers has not been an easy task. Emails and contacts are generally hidden from the public, making it very difficult to be a painted handbag vendor even if you have a good product. Considering magazines to show painted handbags like Lucky magazine, Elle magazine, Vogue Magazine, Self magazine.

Custom Luxury

 Fine Art


Women HandbagsIt's not just a purse, It's a masterpiece.